About us


Citroworld is our main brand and trademark

Citruworld works with major international distribution chains, exporting our products to countries a lot of important France, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada and the United States.

Our policy work as producers with our subsidiary Eco Lemons SL It is to try to get a direct producer-client to ensure the quality, volume and continuity among others, the product required by our customers.


Our philosophy

The philosophy of Citruworld is being attached to the countryside and its farmers, and our main objective is to lead the future transformation of the field in the Mediterranean area through the application of the techniques of eco-efficient agriculture as Renewable Energy, as CO2, using of organic fertilizers such as microalgae and improvement of farming.

Our warehouse

Our warehouse is located in a strategic place for the rapid translocation into the different destinations worldwide. A few kilometers from our warehouse we find the airports of Alicante and Murcia, as well as ports of Alicante, Cartagena and Valencia. Thus our product reaches its destination within a few hours of handling and in good condition for sale.